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Daily Grind, a day for Monarchs.


174 years ago today, Victoria was crowned Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. I think here in the states, we question the purpose of a monarch. We aren’t always alone in this, 46 years prior (on this day), King Louis XVI was caught attempting to escape Paris. Interestingly enough, like the British revolution a century prior, France’s attempt at “republican” government didn’t end well.

On this day in 1825 the French King Charles X (wait a minute, I thought we just got rid of the monarch in this country a few years back).

Many historians like to put their moral spin on things. Claiming that history is a science or an inevitable progression to greater somethingness (pick your something, social justice, individual liberty, technological advancement) and while it’s arrogant to think we are in a position to know which way history is going, it is equally so to ignore historical lessons from the past.

Back to the main point: Many in the states don’t understand the point of a monarch. Historically, this person may be benevolent, malevolent, vicious, kind, or just plain incompetent. They may be memorable or completely forgettable. One thing I was informed of by three drunk Welshmen, having trouble speaking that foreign and despised language of English on that anniversary of Welsh Independence, while also standing in the moonlit shadow of King Edward’s castle at Caernarfon – the future crowning place of subsequent princes and princesses of Wales – that monarchs are a vestiges of ancient and obsolete systems of government. What can be less fair than an individual being sovereign over others? Still Queen Elizabeth II addresses “her subjects”.

Is there anything more oppressive than one individual being more equal than others?

Surely we are better off without this last piece of feudalism remaining to remind people of their oppressed ancestors living in servitude? We enjoy greater freedoms, greater voice, greater society than those countries littered with broken castles home to torture chambers. Don’t we?

Well, not necessarily we don’t. We don’t have those particular reminders in our country. Our ancestors escaped those lives. And in doing so, their descendants are inclined to forget the lessons of history. One of the greatest speeches of all time asked why we should prefer to trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away. Our government lacks stability or consistency in foreign affairs. One country may be a friend during one administration, an enemy during another and irrelevant through the next. (um. Iraq? Iran? even Israel anyone) We have a group of legislators committing the greatest crime against humanity, unjustly depriving citizens of the fruits of their labor without just compensation. We have a society of entitlement mentality children demanding their fare share from those with more. Our entrepreneurial spirit is stifled with regulation and taxation. The drivers of employment are penalized for their success while the criminally incompetent are immune from their bad decisions.

I just got a message across my twitter stream claiming that “Dodd and Frank” will eliminate spot gold and silver trading in the retail market. Is this freedom? Is this equality? No, this is worse than monarchy, this is oppression by the new Divine Rite rulers. This is tyranny just like that castle I mentioned above. The difference is, this isn’t 1300. We aren’t oppressed by castles or governed by lords. But what have we gained?

Perhaps in our modern society the stability of a monarch and a slow moving parliament is less able to take away the freedoms of the citizens (or subjects) than our flighty democratic republic which rams unwanted legislation through the system. We may have self righteousness on our side, but are we really any better off over here?

So, on this anniversary of monarchical achievement:

Good old America the Beautiful… um err… well, you get the point.


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