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United States District Court, Criminal Complaint. V. Russell Wasendorf. Sr.


Below is the text of the US District Court complaint filed against Russell Wasendorf, Sr.

This makes for some very interesting reading.  It’s filled with great quotes like:

“I have committed fraud.  For this I feel constant and intense guilt.” 

The measure of an individual’s character is in the timing of their guilt.  Notice that Mr. Wasendorf didn’t bother to feel guilty when he was $195,000,000.00 in the hole, only when the government asked him to prove what he said.  Russ used stolen money not only to enrich himself as an individual but to enrich his name and brand.  In my opinion this is the worst type of individual.  The fallout of this will blacken not only PFG and their subsidiary companies, but the trading and futures industry in their entirety. 

Happy reading ladies and gentlemen: 




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