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Some exciting developments


Well, at least for me.

As many of you know, I used to guest star in SFO Mag (Stocks Futures and Options magazine) daily market commentary post.  Their Monday articles were devoted to Forex, so when they couldn’t find anyone better, I would occasionally step in.

SFO (as well as Traders Press) was a subsidiary of the now defunct PFG Best.  So you can imagine no one will be writing much for them for quite a while, and unless someone decides to buy them out of the bankruptcy proceedings.

Michelle has moved from reporting on the markets to her first passion, sports journalism for the University of Northern Iowa (no, I don’t know where that is, somewhere in flyover country I imagine).  So, everyone wishes her the best. You can still still follow her tweets at @MichelleVanDorn

Kira has moved from SFO to her new position as the managing editor of  (you may follow Kira on twitter at:  @KiraBrecht)

She was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to write commentary for their newly redesigned website.  So, I will be providing weekly Monday and Wednesday articles on market conditions and trades that I’m looking at.  These will be very short, generally less than 300 words, with a complimentary char and I will usually get them out around the NY open.  I will post links on my blog when these articles come out.

So, here’s the link to today’s blurb: Click here for a link to the publication


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  1. melissa permalink

    Thanks for the information on the comings and goings. Keep up the good info~

  2. Looking forward to your involvement on – Kira, speaks highly of you….

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