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A choice on November 6th. To be pampered as children or treated as adults.


My fellow Americans, tomorrow as we go to the polls, we are faced with an epic challenge. Not in my lifetime, have we have we seen represented two more stark visions for our country. I don’t say this to be alarmist, I say it because it is true.

On the one side, we have a “corporate raider” who, in his heartless quest for power and money has personally created thousands of jobs, donated tens of millions to charity, and saved failing institutions his entire life. We have a man who worked on a bipartisan basis to make tough decisions and pass important legislation.

On the other hand, we have a good man with infinite generosity. He has lived, worked and been in politics his entire life, yet he is still an outsider. He had the courage to vote (when he decided to show up) to protect, wait for it… not unborn life, no – the right of a woman or doctor to murder a living child after a botched abortion. We have a man who having authored two narcissistic autobiographies we are still painfully ignorant about. But we are told, he is brilliant and he can change the direction of our country.

You know what? This election isn’t about either of these men. This is about the United States and where we will go. Our choice isn’t between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

This election is about policy. No, this election is about whether the citizens of this nation wish to be treated as adults or children.

You see, the real issue is about maturity. Do the citizens of the United States wish to behave and be treated as adults where they are beholden to the consequences of their actions; where they reaffirm their God given rights of self determination and individual responsibility. Or do we choose a man who says in essence, “follow me, and you will be taken care of”.

Follow President Obama, vote in the spirit of revenge and you will be nurtured. Vote because you deserve the fruits of your neighbors labor. Vote to end corporatism.

That is the real choice we have in this election.

How insulting is it that our politicians and media daily treat us as children. We have an incumbent who has wasted hundreds of millions of our dollars on special interest groups, corporate giveaways, failed subsidies in the wind and solar industry. Then we are lectured about the dangers of fossil fuels while our money is spent to subsidize drilling in Brazil and enrich Mr. Soros.

We are told China cheats when they provide subsidies to their solar companies but we are creating a new economy for the 21st century when our subsidies to the same industry in our country fail miserably. We are told investment companies like Bain are evil because they outsource jobs by the same president who stole and closed dealership franchise of his political opponents, shipped manufacturing of GM products overseas, and stole our money to fund foreign corporations in making lousy hybrid cars. We have a man who says the private industry is evil and greedy while he continues to pump billions of failed stimulus dollars into the market.

We have a man who will close Guantanimo, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but is given a free pass when more American soldiers are killed under his watch and due to his failed leadership in Afghanistan than under President Bush; who starts wars in the middle east without the approval of congress; who leads from behind and apologizes for the nation that has provided him with every opportunity in life. America, through our guilt, has given us the first affirmative action president, where he has never been measured by the content of his character, but rather the color of his skin and the strength of his political connections.

We have a man who closes charter schools in Washington, while sending his daughters to the best schools to be found. We have a man who cares about the middle class who’s billions in stimulus and spending has not improved the employment situation.

We have a man we are told is on top of his game when he goes to visit New Jersey, but who didn’t know for seven hours that his embassy was under attack and Americans were being murdered in cold blood.

And still, when information is obtained with the click of a mouse, so many of us choose to be treated as ignorant children.

On the other side, we have a man who says vote for love of country, not revenge. We have a family man who has lovingly raised amazing children, stood steadfast while his wife went through cancer treatment and MS therapy. Whose only sin apparently is that he has been successful in business, life, and politics. We have a man who cares for nothing but money, but who has given up over a billion dollars in opportunity cost because his desire to serve his country is greater than his personal ambition.

Governor Romney has a hard sell for the children in our country. He does not promise infinite safety nets, subsidies and handouts. Romney doesn’t say he will fix everything by controlling everything. He says he will fix everything by letting the population grow up and take responsibility for their own actions. And that is a hard sell. Obama says he will take over, control and “do” something. Romney says he will get out of the way and let the incredible nature of our country flourish on its own. See the difference? See why that is a harder sell? Mr. Romney’s plan is criticized for its lack of control. But in reality, the only thing that will save our country is less government control and more grownups voting.

So, this election isn’t about one man, or two men, or even me. They will be ok. I will be successful regardless of who is elected. This election is about whether the population of this nation wish to be pampered as children or treated as adults.

Regardless of which direction America chooses, we deserve what we elect.

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